Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I may have a new favorite restaurant. Yesterday, we checked out a new place near campus called 101/Cantina. It's a modern mix of southwest/Mexican food. I had the chicken enchiladas which were amazing. Mr. Foodwhore went for the beef nachos and was equally impressed. The menu seemed a bit pricey at first glance, but when the bill came, we were surprised that it was closer to what we'd spend at Moe's or Tijuana Flats.

101/Cantina also offers a HUGE menu of tequila (including a $75 shot!) and a ridiculous amount of tempting margaritas. Can't wait to get started on those. : )

But one of the best features of the place is the actual location. There's seating on the front patio, perfect for people-watching. The inside features a large bar and seating along the far wall. But the back deck is where it's at. There's an impressive tiki-bar out there with 4 HD flat-panel tvs, surrounded by great mod-mex decor and a dozen or so more tables. As the weather gets cooler, I envision myself spending a lot of time on that back deck, especially for Monday's $4 margaritas or for the hourly free tequila shots on Sundays.

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