Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Day Snacks

This past weekend my very good friend, A, got married. I volunteered to make the wedding day snacks for the girls to eat while we were getting ready. The bride made only one request: devilled eggs. Other than that, I knew I wanted to do something healthy and something easy to transport since we'd be travelling between the hotel, the salon, and the church.

I opted for individual snack bags, which would be easy for each girl to carry their own. While I am normally very big on recycling and reusing, for this project, I got super cheap plastic containers from the Dollar Store so we could toss them when we were done. (I didn't want us to worry about lugging around dirty containers all day.)

Each bag contained 1) bottled water; 2) napkin, fork and cup for sangria/mimosas (packaged separately); 3) veggie dip; 4) sugar cookies iced in wedding colors; 5) carrot and celery sticks; 6) Melba toast crackers and Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges; 7) fruit salad; 8) quiche and two devilled egg halves; 9) menu.

Everything was packaged in disposable containers and put together in a white gift bag with handles for carrying.
To fancy things up, I made custom labels for the outside of the bag in the wedding colors. These bags were a huge hit. People I didn't even know were coming up to me at the reception and complimenting me on the adorable bags I had made. I will definitely be doing these again for another wedding or event some day!

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Mrs. McB said...

What a great idea! How cute!!!!! :)