Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (way belated)

For Mother's Day, I hosted a lunch for my mom. It was a small affair, just the three of us (me, Mr. Food Whore and Mama Food Whore.) Since Mom is also a Food Whore, I wanted to do something delicious that she'd never I went to some of my favorite food blogs for inspiration. Here's what we had:

The Mother's Day Lunch Menu
Click on the links for the recipes. A special thanks to the Pioneer Woman and Good Things Catered for inspiring this delicious meal. Mom was impressed (and stuffed!)
White wine citrus sangria (sorry, no picture): This sangria is delicious and so pretty to look at. I wish I'd captured it in a photo. You can kind of see it in some of the pictures. I've made it a couple more times since and everyone raves about how delicious it is. I love how simple it is.

Dill and Paprike Goat Cheese with Crostinis: Yum! But also very tedious. I made the mistake of trying to slice the goat cheese, which makes a better presentation...but also crumbles if not done right. I might suggest leaving it in a log for guests to slice and spread on their own. Slicing it stressed me out, as it was not turning out perfectly as I wanted it.

Onion Tart Pastry with Mixed Greens: I was skeptical of this at first, but it was superb. Mama Food Whore loved it. Such a delicious blend of flavors with the carmelized sweet onions.

Pasta Prima Vera with Salmon: Our family is very big on seafood, so I knew I wanted to add some Salmon to the mix. I was very happy that the Pioneer Woman included brief cook times in her recipe. The veggies were crisp, but cooked...and not soggy as mine sometimes are from over-cooking.

(Note: the original recipe did not include the salmon. I baked some on my Pampered Chef stone and added it in at the last minute for some extra protein...Yum!)

Ice Cream Cake Flower Pots: Dad joined us for dessert. At first the parents were quite confused that I was serving flowers for dessert, but Dad bravely dug in and was quite pleasantly surprised by the cherry and chocolate ice cream layered over pound cake. The pots we used were WAY too big. I got about 3-4 servings out of each. Needless to say, there were leftovers. I would use a much smaller pot next time.

A beautiful picture of the whole spread

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Awww! It turned out great! I LOVE everything you put together! :)