Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Favorite Thing

Last Christmas, Mr. Foodwhore surprised me with a mandoline.  I know most women would not be pleased with a kitchen appliance as a gift, but I am not most women. I assured Mr. FW that any kitchen items will be much appreciated and loved. And the mandoline is no exception.

It is wonderful for slicing, especially when uniform thickness is important. I use it to slice onions, squash, potatoes, cucumber, apple, pears, and so much more. It's great for slicing thin veggies for a pizza. And it limits the odds that I'll cut myself while doing prep-work.

I think this is a great tool for the lazy cook. I know most lazy cooks don't want to add anything else to their kitchen, but this really makes preparing foods so much easier.

My only complaint is that I can't get a good julienne cut yet. I'm still working on it. I think it's more in my technique than the functionality of the mandoline. I'll update when I've mastered it!

*Full disclosure: Mr. FW bought me this particular brand without my knowledge. I love it and fully recommend it. I've received no benefits from the company for saying that. I don't get any kick-backs if you buy this particular mandoline or any other brand. 

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