Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Creativity in a Lunchbox

When I first saw these two blogs, I had mixed feelings. At first, I was in awe of the tiny containers, the pristine organization, the creative culinary art . . . my heart raced with joy. But then I thought, who the F has time to get up in the morning and make tiny, compartmentalized works of art for the kid(s)'s and/or husbands' lunches?! Seriously, get a life!? I have way more important things to do in the morning, like hit the snooze button until I absolutely have to pry myself from the tight clutches of my duvet. Finally, I realized my hatin' was all due to jealousy. I am insanely jealous that these women have the leisurely time to make these boxes of joy for their family members. I hope someday to be one of those classic stay-at-home-moms who makes fun stuff like this before sending their kids off to school and then sits by the pool sipping martinis and gossiping with the neighbors. Ahhhh. . . . the future can't come soon enough!

So here they are, my inspiration for my unborn children's lunches: Obento Baby! and Lunch Nugget. Someday, I will be this awesome.

Here's some of my favorites, for various reasons:

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Dr. Drama said...

I stumbled across your site and I had a strange fascination with bento box lunches as well - although I can never seem to get it together enough to make them for my daughter!