Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami!

Last week Mr. Foodwhore and I were in Miami to root on our Gators in the National Championship game. GO GATORS! We had a wonderful trip filled with good friends, great football and amazing food. I wanted to share some of the awesome places we went to eat in case you're ever in the Miami Beach area.

Our first night there happened to be the first Wednesday of the month. On this one night each month Bugatti makes their fabuloso lasagna as a special. So of course, we headed to Coral Gables to fill our bellies with lasagna before we began the party. Our group shared calamari, caesar salad, salad nicoise, toasted garlic bread, caprese mozzarella, gnocchi pomodoro, ravioli pomodoro and of course, the lasgna. It was divine. Everything was cooked to perfection. We left with full bellies and a great sense of satisfaction.

On Thursday morning, we headed to Jerry's Famous Deli. Their menu is HUGE! There is something for everyone. After spending about an hour perusing the oversized menu, I decided on a Bloody Mary and Florentine Eggs (veggie benedict). Delicious! I wish I could get this everyday. Just what the doctor ordered after a night of drinking. It's also a great place for celebrity sightings. We spotted Lenox Lewis, and I'm pretty sure I also saw Notorious BIG, despite everyone's nay-saying.

Finally, we hit up Ice Box Cafe on our way out of town on Friday. This place changes their menu everyday so there's no guarantee on what you'll eat, but I do guarantee it will be awesome. I had the veggie burger...a real veggie burger that put Boca Burgers to shame. And for dessert, we split the Cappaccino Ice Cream Cake. We had to have dessert...Oprah voted them the best cake in the country. How could we ignore Oprah!?

If you have any questions about these places, feel free to leave me a comment.

Bon Appetit!
The Food Whore

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