Friday, January 25, 2008

Football + Food + Party = I'm in Heaven

Super Bowl Sunday is a little more than a week away and I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. Three of my favorite things (football, food, and parties) all in one night is almost too much for my feable mind. I haven't hosted an official Super Bowl party since the Bucs won . . . yea, it's been a few years. But this year, I'm back in the saddle. Here's what I'm planning on serving:

Cream Cheese Football Dip
7 Layer Bean Dip
Chili Bar with all the Fixins
Super Bowl Cake

The cream cheese football dip is something I try to make every year for the Super Bowl. My mom and I used to make it together when I was younger and the tradition has stuck. It's super yummy and pretty easy to make. Here's a link to the recipe. I love to serve it with Triscuits because they are sturdy enough to scoop the cream cheese.

The 7 layer bean dip is another famous recipe that was handed down from a family friend. My friends call it the "Crack Dip" because they are addicted to it. It's so easy to make, even Mike has prepared it before. I guarantee if you make this dip, your friends will ask for the recipe. Here's what you'll need:

13 x 9 pan
2 cans refried beans
8 oz sour cream
16 0z guacamole
green onions-chopped
can of black olives-sliced
2 tomatoes-diced and "drained"
taco seasoning
small can diced jalapenos
2-3 cups shredded Mexican cheese

1. Spread beans on the bottom of the pan and sprinkle with a 1/4 of the taco seasoning

2. mix sour cream and guac and spread on the beans; sprinkle 1/4 more seasoning

3. layer tomatoes, onions, olives, and jalapenos; sprinkle with 1/4 seasoning

4. top with cheese and sprinkle with the last of the seasoning

5. cook at 350 until cheese is all melted and bubbly; let it cool for a bit before serving so the cheese isn't scalding hot. Serve with tortilla chips.

For the main course I'm planning a chili bar. I'm going to fix a huge pot of my chili and then have a buffet of fixins which will include: cheese, jalapenos, onions, fritos, bread, hot sauce, sour cream, and crackers. I'll post the recipe for my chili closer to the big day.

And finally, the cake. A friend showed me this picture of a cake she'd made and I am now inspired. In fact, this cake is the entire reason I am having a Super Bowl party. To hell with funny commercials or the Patriot's history-making season, I'm in it for the cake. All the decorations are edible. I can't wait to get wait to get to work on this sugary creation so I can post my own pictures of it.Stay tuned for my chili recipe and pictures of the Big Game Buffet!

Bon Appetit!

The Food Whore

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