Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blackened Tilapia Sandwiches/Wraps

This recipe is so tasty and easy that we've had it many times in the past few weeks. Plus our grocery store has had Tilapia on sale quite a bit, which certainly helped! 

"But it's fish!" you say. "I don't know how to cook fish. And it always tastes so fishy!"

Tilapia is a great fish for people who (just think they) don't like seafood. It's my belief that if you don't like fish, it's because you haven't had it cooked properly. Seafood is wonderful.  When I was a kid, we didn't eat red meat.  We were poultry and seafood people all the way, and we ate a lot of seafood.  So here's an easy, affordable, and tasty recipe to get you on your way to liking fish.

2 3-5 oz Tilapia filets
2 of your favorite wraps or sandwich buns
2 pieces leaf lettuce
sliced tomato
sliced onion
sliced avocado
blackening seasoning
3 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp pickle relish
dash of salt

1. Heat a large skillet or grill-pan over medium-high heat. (I prefer the grill pan because I like to grill, but fish on a grill can be tricky.) Coat with non-stick spray.

2. Generously sprinkle blackening seasoning on one side of the fish and place that side face-down in the pan.  Coat the side facing up, as well.

3. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side. Cook times will depend on the thickness of the filet.  To test if it's done, just cut into it. Fish will be solid white all the way through when done. It's very important not to overcook fish.  Overcooked fish is nasty . . . and I will have failed you because you will still hate seafood after this.

4. While the fish is cooking, prep your other veggies and make the tartar sauce.

5. To make tartar sauce, combine salt, mayo and relish in a small dish and stir well. Et voila!  Nothing fancy, but is a perfect complement to the blackened fish.

6. Spread the tartar sauce on the bun/wrap.  Add the lettuce.  Top with the fish and pile on the rest of your veggies.

7. And you're done. Roll up that wrap or slap on the top bun and you're ready to eat!

Makes 2 wraps/sandwiches.  Depending on the bread you use, this recipe has 350-425 calories per sandwich.

Bon Appetit!
The FoodWhore

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