Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Vegan Thanksgiving!?

If my mother were dead, she'd be rolling over in her grave. How can one possibly have a VEGAN thanksgiving? Well, it does take some special consideration, but Mrs. Foodwhore is up to the challenge.

This year, one of the Foodwhore Cousins is bringing his vegan girlfriend to dinner. I am excited for the challenge of my first vegan cooking experience. Mama Foodwhore is covering dinner for the carnivores in the group, and I'm taking care of the Veg-Heads. We'll already have a To-Furkey for my sister who is a regular vegetarian. I'll also be making a couple side dishes and a dessert. I've been in contact with the Vegan herself and she's providing me with some of her favorite recipes for mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a pumpkin cheesecake...ALL VEGAN!

In the coming week I will be posting these recipes with my tips and tricks and hopefully a few pictures and rave reviews : )

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